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Background Information:

Regulus is the human, Thri-Kreen civilization that is the current dominant power structure in the area. The people of Regulus are a highly religious and zealous people ruled by an oligarchy. The humans follow the letter of the law in every way and believe that, if one doesn’t follow the law he/she is out to destroy society. They have this belief due to a cataclysm that occurred in their past by a group of wizards that skirted the law and rent asunder a good portion of the continent. Since this calamity the humans of Regulus hunt those who refuse to follow the laws that they hold so special.
The country is 75 percent human, 10 percent Nomad, 9 percent Thri-Kreen, 1 percent other (half human mixes or Halflings). Most of the typical races associated with a fantasy adventure have been hunted to extinction or near extinction. Dwarves are no longer found on the western continent, but traces of their civilization can be found in the southern section of the canyon, where they once lived. Orcs and most of goblinkind have been completely expunged from the continent. Only from across the great southern desert or from the underdark can they been found.
Within the Regulus there is a centralized power structure, both in terms of government and how the civilization has spread out. Currently Regulus is in an expansive stage and attempting to reclaim the surrounding lands from the wild. The population has reached critical mass within the city, and now there are incentives as well as government encouragement to have people move into the surrounding countryside. This population expansion is weblike spreading out from Regulus in search of fertile lands and resources for the kingdom. The Thri-Kreen clutches live South of the major cities on the Great Plains. There is a Thri-Kreen permanent settlement in the Southern section of Kingdom right next to the Ant mound. The Thri-Kreen and the ants have a relationship worked out with the intelligent awakened queen of the hive.
There are Nomads that live in the free spaces between the cities, and on the plains. They have a lawful neutral tendency, and have a respect for the humans. The Nomads are slightly xenophobic, but acknowledge an individual’s achievements through either combat, or diplomacy. They are on good standing terms with the Thri-Kreen as the they trade the monstrous ants and the equipment to command them.
Only the humans are viciously hostile against the elves. The nomads stay away from the woods so they and the elves have a don’t ask, don’t tell relationship. Occasionally trade occurs between the two peoples but never near the human settlements. The Thri-Kreen are even more distant to the elves than the nomads. There is no known consistent contact between the two races.


Creation -
In the beginning Regulus was just a religious outpost of a large kingdom. It was a holy site, and the resting place of a paladin champion of the realm. Overtime it became the headquarters for the paladins followers and their religious order. People thought that they were too puritanical and Spartan. They detested what they felt was the corruption of magic and their kingdom. The Order of Law which is the knighthood that was based in Regulus acted separately from the ruling body of the kingdom but were sanctioned by the King.

Rise –
A long line of legendary and heroic paladins came from Regulus and their knightly order. The Order of Law’s success made the religious enclave turn into a city. People flocked to the city for many reasons but primarily it was a haven for refugees fleeing the politics of the Capital. As Regulus rose in strength, and popularity the capital of the kingdom swelled like an over-ripe tomato. The capitol was run by a group of wizards, a senate, and a monarch. Each group as the corruption levels rose became more and more separate from each other. The King attempted to maintain order, and was successful in the outlying regions with the help of the Order of Law, but the Capitol was unable to be tamed.
In an attempt to take control of the city, the Order of Law marched on the city. Their main goal was to rid the city of all forms of corruption. Though they intended to merely focus on political corruption, the wizards who for all intensive purposes ran the city felt that the Order was there to attack them. Thus the kingdom broke out into civil war.

War –
The war was brutal and long. At first it seemed that it was going to be a swift win for the Order of Law, as they were on the city steps efficiently and easily defeating the defenders. But three schools of the seven schools of magic decided on a radical choice unbeknownst of the other schools. The schools of Necromancy, Conjuration, and Transmutation summoned an army of demons and then left the city to fend for itself. They traveled to the far east of the continent and began constructing a portal. Once the demons were loose in the city there was a horrible bloodbath as the demons literally killed everything in the middle of the city and hoarded the citizens towards the invading army. Then they just ripped through the confused and disoriented and separated invading army.
In order to fight off this new threat the Order had to regroup, and request aid from their neighbors to the North-East the elves, and the Thri-Kreen to the South. The elven people were hesitant to join the human conflict but they saw the threat that the demons posed and marshaled their troops. And the Thri-Kreen Clutches with their Ant Queen also decided to join.

Calamity –
Eventually the Order of Law was able to tame the city, but it took a long time to do. They had to fight for every street and building, and they took huge losses. While this took place many of the wizards that were in the city that survived the summoning of the demons joined the ranks of the Order of Law to rid the city of the demons. Though there were more than a handful of wizards that disappeared into the countryside and their secret lairs, hoping to wait this war out.
When the people found that the wizards responsible for the demons had jumped ship and left for the far side of the continent, and were opening a portal to bring in more demons they immediately mobilized to strike at them. But they were too slow and were struck first. A city in the south west and the surrounding countryside was sunk beneath below sea level. It was not far but they dropped the city just 8 feet under sea level and the water just rushed in and killed tens of thousands of innocents. Then the calamity struck. In an attempt to by them some time the Wizards in an act of magic that killed most of the casters and was felt everywhere on the globe; the renegade wizards cut a huge scar across the continent. The canyon began in the Capitol of the kingdom and spread South-East and North-West in a great arching manner. The Capitol was split in two and fell into the scar, and a city in the South-East collapsed under the force of the earthquakes and the coming split and erosion collapsed the city. In the North the canyon cut through the elven forests.
As the world recovered nothing but hatred was felt for wizards everywhere.

The Purge –
The elven people were devastated by the huge losses of trees and small villages. But they still committed a force of elven warriors to assist the Order hunt down those responsible. The Thri-Kreen were mostly unaffected by this, but their Ant Queen saw the impact that it would have and she had lost many of her ants to cave ins. So she decided to relocate closer to Regulus and decided to help their people by providing ants as a new capable workhorse for the kingdom. In the chaos that followed the calamity and the army was out across the continent, a lot of pent up anger from the populace was turned into attacks of wizards across the kingdom. In order to preserve some magic the Knighthood that remained began collecting and putting out rewards for magic items. While many of the items were destroyed publically the rest of the items were kept for study and safe keeping.

Recent –
After the Order of Law defeated the wizards that caused the calamity, and sealed the Chaos Warp, the anger that the humans had towards magic was not sated. Thus it was redirected towards other targets such as the elves and the underdark races. To this day there still is rampant distrust and hatred of wizards.


Lady of the Lake –
There is a myth that says that before the calamity that there was a powerful wizard that was a powerful summoner that dealt with the elemental forces, her favorite of the elementals was that of water. She attempted to avert the chaos that she foresaw approaching but when the chaos wizards attempted to kill her, she defeated them and went into hiding to this very day.
The lake that boarders Regulus since the calamity has never had a single drowning incident, and that the lake has a continuous supply of fresh water from an unexplainable source of water. The common people believe that the great wizard that defeated the chaos wizards now lives somewhere in the lake watching over the people of Regulus. The church frowns on this view for several reasons.

Dragons –
The Nomads have a mythology about the dragons of the continent. They believe that each dragon was once a person that underwent a special ritual to become a dragon. Each Dragon is a true manifestation of their core personality. So it is part of the Nomad culture that all princes in order to rule their people and be recognized by the other clans must kill a dragon and undertake the ritual. It is the greatest honor and the beginning of the transformation.

Important Locations:

Regulus –
Metropolitan center of the kingdom by the same name. It is the hub in which the kingdom is trying to rebuild itself. Regulus is home to the ruling council of Justices. It is a military city and looks like a turtle and where the head of the turtle is that is where the port is. For maps of Regulus look in the Breakdown of Regulus file. The Justices operate in a judicial manner as well as the kingdom’s ruler. The monarchy no longer exists and so the palace remains empty. The royal guard under the Justices ruling continue to guard the castle.

The Nest –
The Nest is where the Ant Queen Azriel and her brood live. The queen class ants are all intelligent monsterous ants. Azriel is the oldest ant within the colony and she is a high level NPC. She is a valuable font of information and if given access or befriended can be a great ally. Her nest is in the southern section of Regulus and is next to the Thri-Kreen settlement. The Thri-Kreen clutches meet at the city to discuss policy with the humans and Azriel. The Thri-Kreen and the ants have developed a symbiotic relationship based on protection and leadership. Azriel requires an intelligent guard and group of advisors and a means to get information about the outside world without putting her or her colony in jeopardy. While the Thri-Kreen rely on her wisdom, and ants for protection. She protects them from the humans through her command of the ants, and the Thri-kreen protect Azriel from the humans.
The Nest also encompasses the Thri-Kreen settlement since it follows the ant nest around. It is a city built in and around the ant colony. The ant nest is a mound and sinkhole. Since the city is mostly populated by Thri-kreen they built vertically into the ant hole and onto the mound. They jump from level to level without issue. For the humans and other creatures incapable of the large jumps, there are interior tunnels connecting much of the city. The tunnels are burrowed by the ants and tend to circular in shape and rough. Navigating though the tunnels can be confusing due to a lack of directions and the random twists and turns that the tunnels take. Only those very familiar with the area have little to no trouble finding their way through the city tunnels. The Thri-Kreen very rarely use the tunnels and if asked for directions will likely just point to the destination and say jump.

Lumber Camp –
The lumber camp is a small outpost just outside the druid’s forest. It has a resident population of roughly 20 people, and the rest are just workers and guards. Essentially it is a safe place for people to spend the night. Lumber-jacks, who don’t make it back to the camp at night, do not come back at all. There are just a few people of note at the camp either due to the animals, or the druids.

Lumber City – St. Christine
A much more permanent outpost than the lumber camp; the city has been growing quickly in the years that the Justices have promoted expansion. The people of Regulus want and need a steady income of wood, and that is just what this city plans on providing. The city is primarily designed to process lumber and then house people. There is a stable population that lives in Lumber City of just over 200 souls. As the city grows the number of important people also grow in the city. Lumber City is built on a raised dirt platform like a small mesa. So as the city grows both upward and outward, the mesa is also growing. There are a few NPCs that live at lumber city for PC interaction. The city is run by two people, Baron Cunningham and Endrie. The Baron lives in the city and runs it, while Endrie provides and ensures Regulus influence and law.

Waterfront –
The waterfront is port town of Regulus. It does not get a lot of attention from the rest of the kingdom, but it is where a lot of the food that supplies the main city comes from. Since Regulus is more interested in exploring and reclaiming the landmass, not much attention is paid to the port town. It has its own issues, but prefers to handle them on its own with bothering the Justices. A few retired justicars live in the town and act as enforcers and the sheriffs at the same time.

Elven Forest –
As mystical and foreboding as the tales of old. While the Druid’s Forest is pretty much well documented the troubles and horrors of the elven forest are still mostly secret. There are elven colonies sporadically located throughout the forest, and there is a central city point, but no human has ever seen it and lived to tell the tale of it. The forest is very wild, but not chaotically influenced for the most part. The only chaos section of the forest in the part of the forest that spills into the canyon.

The Grand Scar Canyon –
The Canyon is the greatest memento to what the terrors of magic can do. The chaotic magic that tore the canyon into the ground still lays thick in and around the canyon. The creatures that live in the canyon are warped by its twisted magics and the harsh landscape. There is no safe body of water and the entire canyon is affected by an unhallowed and desecrate spell.

Marshland –
The marshland is another constant reminder to the people of Regulus of what arcane magic has done to their people. The quick and painful murder of thousands of people in just a few minutes via drowning has caused a general fear of the ocean that lasts to this day. The marshland is now populated by the undead, the lizard folk, and a few black dragons. There are a few spots of the chaos warp in the swamp in the deeper sections. The people who live in the city know where they are and stay well away. The marshland is relatively safe for the people that live in the marsh, but for outsiders it is a quick and easy way to die. But even with its high fatality rate it still attracts lots of adventures because the city and all of its wealth lays mostly undisturbed. The clerics and wizards of Regulus sponsor trips to the sunken city to retrieve artifacts every decade or so, but usually is met with little success. But for people hiding out from the long arm of Regulus, the marshland is the safest territory. Several well known wanted wizards live in the marsh.
There are a few powerful factions that live in the Marshland; there are a few different lizardman tribes, there are the undead, there are the few black dragons, and there is the refugee wizards. The biggest black dragon in the marshland in Nightscale, an adult black dragon that lives near the center of the city atop a spire that overlooks his domain and he commands two tribes of lizardfolk. There are 5 different tribes of lizardfolk; and the lizardfolk are different species ranging from normal to blackscale, and poisondusk.

The Plains –
The plains are fairly tame compared to the other wild areas around Regulus. The greatest threat to the people on the plains are the ronin that roam the plains since the Ronin keep the road ways clear of monsters. That is unless people travel off into the uncleared areas. Large stone highways lead from each city to city. The areas around the Highways are safeish, but if people stray too far from the highway way their safety is no longer assured. The Ronin are human adventurers that aren’t sponsored by the church and roam the lands. They travel in small bands but are fairly self sufficient and rarely come into cities. Most of their trade is done with the Nomads. The plains other encounter are animals that are on the prowl.

Ruling Parties:

Thri-Kreen Clutches + Queen Azriel –
The majority of the Thri-Kreen people live in groups called clutches. There are loners and families that stick to their nomadic ways and stay away from civilization. That tends to occur in the south near the desert. However the larger families that group together and roam together are known as clutches. A clutch is a dozen or more families that have a centralized leader. Each Clutch leader meets with other clutches and acts independently without any real guidance. But there are about a dozen clutches that work together and are the ones that people are most likely to interact with.
These 13 clutches live with and around the ants. The Clutches leaders act as a court and council for the Queen Ant Azriel. The Thri-kreen that live around the Ant Mound each have their own “Princess Ant” (Immature Queen) that they are charged with keeping safe, and in return the “Princesses” produce ants for the Thri-Kreen to use. Azriel is capable of producing more “princesses” but due to the strain it causes her she chooses not to.
The 13 clans that each have a princess ant are the: Earth, Fire, Wood, Metal, Air, Water, Sun, Moon, Shadow, Spider, Worm, Dawn, and Crab.
Azriel is an old Queen Ant that has Genius level intelligence and character levels. She has been alive since before the Calamity and resided much closer to the great desert. When the calamity occurred and a great many of her tunnels collapsed, she lost many ants. Not really bothered by this loss, but aware of the danger she was in, she made a deal with a few Thri-Kreen clutches. Now they work together protecting each other’s interests. Azriel does not recognize Regulus law in her territory, and lets nature make it’s own laws. She has a regal and dominating personality which is shown by her psion levels. She has no expansionist nature, but she is fiercly independent and defensive. She quickly analyzes the moves of her “opponents” and has a zero tolerance policy. She knows a lot of information about the past and the world to the south. One of the reasons she moved closer to Regulus after the calamity is that an ant nest in the desert was in striking position of her nest and had the opportunity to attack. So she decided to move out of their reach. But she hasn’t told anyone about that.
Recently Azriel has been growing a small nest of Spider-eaters to protect her Ant Mound. She is aware that there is a small spider nest in the Druid’s Forest but is more concerned about the home Spider nest in the Grand Scar Canyon. The two queens are aware of each other’s presence and are quietly probing each other’s defenses looking for weaknesses and territory. Azriel is more defensively oriented and the Spider Queen is more expansionist.

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