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What’s up with the Woods?

Regulus Campaign Setting
ECL – 4
Total Experience without random encounters 16800xp. Roughly 9000gps in loot. Expected finds range from 7000gp-9000gp. ECL appropriate for party of 3 or 4, treasure appropriate for 3.5 players.

Basic Information

Everyone knows that the Druid’s Woods are not safe, but typically during the day it is safe enough for the loggers to get their work done, as long as they work in groups. Over the past couple months, loggers and a few miners have gone missing. It does not seem to be the work of the local druids; so the church is having some able bodies look into the matter.
The church wants the players to meet their local representative in the Lumber City. He will have additional information for the PCs. The local priest’s name is Endrie, and he is the point of contact between the church and the PCs while they are in the Logging community. If they have any questions about their task, they should speak with him. While the PCs are on their mission he will be waiting for their response in the Logging Camp.
Endrie is an older gentleman and is a 7th level cleric. He travels between the Lumber yard and Lumber City with his acolytes. He is Neutral Good, fair and good meaning. He is aware of what the world is really like and frowns on the rigid dogmatism of the head church. He is the official that has been negotiating with the Druids for peaceful logging rights. He has been pushing for more stringent logging laws, but is unsuccessful due to the beliefs of the head church. He shares a common belief held by the rural folk; that the church’s hubris is hurting the people that it once supported. He supports the Ronin and their “greater good” stance.

Lumber City – St. Christine

Lumber City is a much more permanent outpost than the lumber camp; the city has been growing quickly in the years that the Justices have promoted expansion. The people of Regulus want and need a steady income of wood, and that is just what this city plans on providing. The city is primarily designed to process lumber and then house people. There is a stable population that lives in Lumber City of just over 200 souls. As the city grows the number of important people also grow in the city. Lumber City is built on a raised dirt platform like a small mesa. So as the city grows both upward and outward, the mesa is also growing. There are a few NPCs that live at lumber city for PC interaction. The city is run by two people, Baron Cunningham and Endrie. The Baron lives in the city and runs it, while Endrie provides and ensures Regulus influence and law.
The party starts in Lumber city staying at the local inn. They had arrived late last night from Regulus with a caravan. They had been put up for the night, but the caravan driver. The PC’s mission is to meet with the local Temple representative to see what their mission is. The PCs live in the territory that Baron Cunningham supervises. This area extends from the logging camp to the Lumber City, and the slowing resources fall under his purview. Before the church begins investigating the reasons to why he has been unable to meet quota, he requests that the PCs that live in his territory be sent to investigate the camp, and the woods.
The Baron is on good terms with Endrie, the local Regulus high cleric, and wants the PCs to meet up with him. The Baron will be in his home, and Endrie will be at the temple. The players will have 2 days in town to meet with everyone and gather all the information that they can before the caravan goes on to the Logging Camp. Endrie is going to tag along with the caravan. For payment the Baron is offering 200gp per player. Can be negotiated to be 250gp per player. ¼ or 1/5 of payment upfront and the rest on completion. Endrie will have the money, and depending on how the situation in the woods resolves itself. Endrie has the authority to commission the PC for more missions with the same pay schedule. Once the situation with the druid woods is taken care of the PCs should meet with the Baron.

Important Locations

Main Gate – The main gate of the city
Packaging and Shipping and Storage – This is where the goods for the city are packaged and stored. Wood of all different shapes and sizes can be found here. There are also barrels if minerals and stones that are for shipping being stored in this building. The materials can also be found in the warehouse; they are just stored here if they are being shipped out during that business week.
Inspector’s Office – The inspector’s office has multiple branches and they are responsible for a variety of tasks. Their main task in the Lumber City is to inspect the goods coming in and going out of the city. They look for contraband and the quality of materials. They use magic as well as a dedicated staff to do their investigations. They also meet with all new residents and attempt to place them in the most effective and hospitable living conditions available.
Administrative Offices – All of the administrative offices are run through this building. If anyone wants a permit than the officials in this office would be able to take care of that. Most of the city’s administration is run through this building, only the Baron’s liaisons and offices are in his house.
Lumber Processing – All approved lumber that makes it through the inspector’s office goes to here and begins the work of processing and cleaning up of the wood. The cutting of the wood into basic shapes is done here. Many citizens work here.
Lumber Trimming – Once the wood has been shaped to roughly what is needed the wood is sent to this building. Here the workers shape and trim the wood into whatever shape is needed. Then the wood is passed on. Skilled craftsmen and workers work here.
Lumber Output – In the output stage the wood is treated and packaged. Skilled craftsmen work here.
Well – It is a well.
Watch Tower – The 15 foot structures look over the only easy approach to the city. The Regulus watch man the towers and gate.
Armory – This is the building that holds all of the watch’s spare weapons and gear. There is nothing magical in here, but there are some masterwork weapons. There is also some training gear. This building is locked with an ARCANE Lock. DC 22 to pick. If the door is jimmied in anyway, an alarm spell that is on the interior of the door goes off. The captain of the watch has a badge that unlocks the lock and disarms the alarm spell.
Regulus City Offices – The city offices is where the officials from Regulus meet with local individuals to make sure that all things are running accordingly, and that everything is accounted for and following the law. It is a busy building.
Watch Headquarters – The building in which the watch runs its administrative arm, and the logistical aspects of the Watch are managed.
Regulus City Offices Tower – The city office tower is the watch tower that rises above all others. There is always a group of people at the top, looking for signs of trouble or approaching individuals.
Watch Residences – This is where the watch sleeps and operates out of.
Blacksmith and Ore Processing Center – This large building is the other arm of the industry in the city. All of the metalwork is done here. All crafted goods can be made here. Masterwork quality is available at an additional 50gps due to strain on the head craftsman. It employs a large number of the youth here, and trains many competent blacksmiths. Masterwork quality available. Some skilled craftsmen. The master smith’s name is Soka.
Church – The church is the cultural and spiritual hub of this part of the kingdom. This used to be a small town, until a priestess became famous for miracles of healing. She really put the town on the map, and when she died, the town was renamed in her honor. She is interred and entombed underneath the church. A statue in her likeness stands above her tomb.
Endrie’s House – Endrie’s house is a small stone home that is attached to the church. It is not part of the original construction. It is a comfortable house, that Endrie has lived in for some time. There is nothing special or dynamic about this location. If Endrie wants to meet with people he will do that in the church.
Baron Cunningham’s Residence – The large manor across from the church is where Baron Cunningham lives from time to time. While he prefers to live in his castle, this is more of a summer home. He leaves its management in the capable hands of his wife and children. The Baroness Cunningham works closely with the Baron’s attaché and liaisons to manage the city of St. Christine as she sees fit. She is popular, because she does not interfere much with the day to day activities of the city, and makes sure that there is enough work for everyone.
Water Tower – A new invention from the city. It stores water in case of emergency. It uses water pressure and gravity to move water across the city.
Grain Silo – A storage site for the town’s food.
City Living – The city living area is where the original members of the city live in houses instead of apartments. The city living area surrounds and is part of the market. Many small businesses are run out of homes.
Markets – The city’s hub of activity for visitors and the civilians. Goods are bought and sold here and most things can be found here. DM decision. Nothing masterwork quality. A good place to gather information about what is happening on the outside of the city. A lot of merchants travel in and out of here. Player actually start adventure here.
City Apartments – Where most of the city lives.
Local Inn and Tavern – A large inn run by a small inn company. Sort of like the beginnings of a Best Western kind of idea. Standard sleeping rates apply. Rooms for all types of customers including other races than human.

Logging Camp

The outer wall is made mostly of stone. The N, NW, W, and SW sides of the wall have a 4ft thick stone wall that is 6ft high. The remaining sides of the wall, NE, E, SE, S are wooden palisades that connect to the stone sections at the staircases. The wooden palisades are roughly 7ft tall, and 1ft thick. Forming the points of a triangle there are three towers that act as sentinels guarding the town from potential threats. Each tower will have from 2-3 guards manning it at any given time. The gate to the town also has 4 guards protecting it at all times. The town will have a 4 person patrol walking around the town from 6pm to midnight, to deal with any potential problems.

The town guards are: 1 4th lvl Fighter, 1 3rd lvl Ranger, 1 3rd lvl Fighter, 6 2nd lvl Warriors, and 30 1st lvl Warriors. The 2nd lvl guards take turns on the towers, and the 3rd lvl NPCs take turns at the main gate.
Important Locations
Lumber Processing Plant – workers bring in the raw materials and the plant prepares them for transport to Lumber City. It will remove branches and sort and package oars brought in from the mine.
Lumber Supplies and Storage – All of the state sponsored workers get their gear and rations from this outpost. Also it stores the town supplies in hardened clay cellars underneath the building.
Guard Barracks and Temple – The town guards are supplied by the Regulus Army and reside in the all stone building. All amenities and training facilities are contained the walls of the barracks. The small town cleric lives here and acts as an arbiter, law advisor to the mayor, town scribe, and local healer. He is only a 3rd lvl cleric, but he does what he can to help those that need his help. He keeps accurate notes of all legislation done by the mayor and regularly reports back to Endrie (local Head Cleric – lives in Lumber City) on the workings of the town.
Homes and Storefronts – The locals that choose to live in the camp have permanent housing that a few peddle some wares out of. There is a general store and a blacksmith. No masterwork good are available and everything has a 15% mark-up on pricing.
Inn – The inn is run by a retired 5th lvl Ranger, named Daniel Kelly. He used to be a lumberman and town mayor in his glory days. When Regulus decided to become more expansive they replaced him with the current mayor, and this has caused some minor resentment between him and the current Regulus Guard that are stationed here. He is very knowledgeable about the area and is always giving free tips to the new lumbermen. Daniel likes the local Ronin that occasionally travel to the town, bringing high quality goods and paying top dollar for the local goods. Daniel has a church blessed Keen Loch-amber Axe 1. 1d101 19-20X3.

“It is more dangerous than you think out there. Keep a wary eye out for the spiders, those woods are crawling with them. It might as well should be call the spider woods.” When talking about the woods.
“The druids are our friends, don’t piss them off, or you won’t be coming back!” Talking about the druids.
“I built this house with wood that I harvested myself.” When talking about the inn.
“A fair but beginning to be cruel man. He likes his own comfort too much.” When talking about the new mayor.

Worker Housing – Worker Housing is the large wooden building on the North side of town. It is a state sponsored and built building that provides lodging and meals to the loggers and miners. It is the tallest building in the town reaching 3 stories tall. It can house and feed 100 workers without exceeding capacity.
Mayor’s House and Office – William Boldin- A comfortable position for a bureaucrat, that is until recently when the workers have been falling behind the growing quota demanded by Regulus. He replaced the previous mayor by edict of Regulus, and this has caused some dislike and distance between him and the townsfolk.


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